your questions regarding curpal

What is curpal?

curpal is a cuff that serves to expand the carpal tunnel. It has been made from medically approved (sterilisable) plastic that features a favourable surface finish. curpal is not a therapeutic device - it has been designed to treat symptoms.  

How does curpal work?

Opposite to splints prescribed by your doctor, which serve to stabilise the hand at night and are thus a purely non-operative approach, curpal proactively relieves the carpal tunnel by stretching the respective hand and exerting pressure on its back.  

Is curpal an alternative to surgery?

Traditionally, the indication for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment is surgery. However, curpal might obviate the need for surgery.

Does curpal bear any adverse side effects?

No. This treatment does not bear any adverse side effects.  

Will my health insurance provider assume the costs of curpal?

Even though curpal has been medically approved it is not yet listed as medical aid in the index of refundable health products. This is the reason why usually health insurance providers will not refund the product’s purchase price. However, we do recommend asking your specific health insurance company for their policy.  

For how long and at what intervals should I use curpal?

We recommend, using curpal about 3 to 5 times a day throughout the first 6 to 8 weeks. Many patients experience significant recovery already within 3 weeks only and can then reduce the treatment frequency. After about 8 weeks, you will only have to use curpal preventively or if your pain should recur. curpal treatment does not require much time - 3 minutes per treatment unit are enough. 

Might the symptoms recur and can I use curpal again if they do so?

curpal is a hand cuff that serves to treat the carpal tunnel syndrome. By using it, symptoms like a tingling sensation, hand numbness or spasmodic conditions will usually disappear. If you suffer from respective complaints we recommend generally using curpal. And if the symptoms should recur you can use curpal again at any time. 

How will I be able to tell if curpal works successfully?

If curpal is being used, respective complaints will clearly improve within about 6 to 8 weeks. Your condition can not worsen as a result of applying curpal. Nevertheless: in case of doubt, we recommend consulting your orthopaedist / neurologists and having the treatment observed by him or her. If you need help finding a qualified physician, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

What result may I expect from it curpal treatment?

Patients who suffer from mild symptoms will feel clearly relieved within just a few days. If your symptoms are of rather severe nature, it may take up to eight weeks before you recognise any treatment success. 

Are there any studies to prove the effectiveness of curpal?

So far, about 1,300 patients have been interviewed on their experience with curpal retrospectively - and all of them reported clearly positive results. Initial comparative measurements of the nerve conductivity before and after surgery and curpal treatment have revealed that the effects yielded by curpal are at least as good as those achieved through surgery.   

What should I do if curpal does not produce any treatment success with me?

curpal is a highly promising addition to traditional treatment and at the same time a brand-new approach. If, though, it should turn out to yield no success, there is still the option of undergoing surgery. It is important not to stall the decision for surgery over and over again because carpal tunnel syndromes have to be treated in due time (by surgery). That does not mean all early stage-patients have to undergo surgery. But if pressure is exerted on your Nervus medianus for extended periods, it might be damaged irreversibly. So, if necessary surgical treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome is deferred again and again, the nervous functions might not recover fully or in time even if the surgical intervention itself has been done in a proper way.   

How comes the treatment is sometimes not successful?

No kind of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment is generally a full success. That also applies to surgery - and to CURPAL. One reason might be that curpal has not been applied properly.  Or the carpal tunnel syndrome has already progressed to a difficult to treat state. That is the reason why we generally recommend consulting your doctor on a treatment that involves curpal.

What medical specialist should I turn to?

curpal is so far not known by many orthopaedist. We will gladly provide you with a list of respectively qualified doctors - just mail to us. We will also be happy to contact your attending doctor in person and inform him or her on CURPAL personally.