carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy: what you can do 

During pregnancy, swellings and water retention might exert increased pressure on the carpal tunnel and thus compress the nerve. With most women, the respective symptoms will completely go away as soon as the child is born and their body returns to its previous state. The 5 tips given below serve to help easing pain and numbness.

Tip 1: keep your hands in a neutral position while you are lying in bed.

You might recognise that you usually bend your hands at the wrist when you’re sleeping. Try to avoid this and keep your hands and wrists in a stretched position. Keeping your hands in a neutral position while you’re sleeping might help easing the pain caused by a narrowed carpal tunnel. 

Tip 2: try to avoid sleeping on your hands. 

Many people find it comfortable to sleep on their hands. However, if you suffer from the carpal tunnel syndrome this is likely to worsen your symptoms. You should instead try to keep your hands at the sides of your body. You might also put them underneath your pillow but you should avoid laying your head on them while you sleep. 

Tip 3: let your hands and wrists rest on a cushion at night.

Let the affected hand rest on a little cushion. This will help keeping it in a neutral position while you’re sleeping.  Some people find it supportive to put their hands in between pillow and cover to keep them in a neutral position.  

Tip 4: try to rather sleep on your side instead of lying on your back.

Most pregnant women sleep on their side, which is the position most favourable for the unborn child as it promotes the blood flow. Lying on your back will make the womb exert pressure on your spine, which might lead to pressure being exerted on the blood vessels. This can cause the carpal tunnel syndrome to worsen. 

Tipp 5: Dehne den Carpaltunnel aktiv durch curpal.

Wenn du schwanger bist und das Karpaltunnelsyndrom hast, willst du natülich in jedem Fall eine Operation vermeiden. Das ist auch vernünftig, denn in den meisten Fällen verschwinden die Symptome nach der Schwangerschaft von ganz alleine. Darauf brauchst du aber nicht zu warten, denn curpal gibt dir die Möglichkeit, den Karpaltunnel aktiv zu dehnen und zu entlasten und so dem Schmerz entgegenzuwirken. Die Behandlung mit curpal hat keinerlei Nebenwirkungen.