carpal runnel syndrome - causes   

For the vast majority of all carpal tunnel syndrome cases, underlying causes cannot be identified. These cases are also called “idiopathic” (the Greek term ίδιος means "peculiar", πάθος stands for "condition") carpal tunnel syndrome.  

This type of the condition is particularly frequently suffered from by menopausing women and related to water retention and swollen tissue in the carpal tunnel. Some people are also pre-dispositioned for suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome as their carpal tunnel is narrow by nature. If these people have to repeatedly and enduringly make the same hand movements at work, subject their wrist to excessive strain or bend it while they sleep, they will develop a carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another possible cause is a chronic tendonitis the patient suffered from earlier or acutely inflamed and swollen tendon sheaths.  Since they are also located inside the carpal tunnel, they might compress the nerve. In very care cases, the condition is inherited and can then also affect children. The symptoms might appear temporarily during pregnancy because then the body retains large amounts of water, which might increase the pressure exerted on Nervus medianus.